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Barbzy is a FREE mobile queuing app for Barbers that allows customers to view and join their Barber’s virtual queue and get real time updates sent to their phone about their position in the queue without stepping foot in the barbershop.

It’s easy to use and setup for Barbers; simply download Barbzy on iOS or Android devices and create your Barber profile in under 10 minutes.

About us

About the App

The set up process involves uploading a display picture, listing your working hours and services (as well as average time to complete each service), location of your barbershop and listing how you want your customers to pay for your services.

After your profile is set up, start telling your customers to join your virtual queue on Barbzy. For Barbzy to work, customers will need to download the app and pay a £1 booking fee (global equivalent) when they join your queue.

As a Barber, your daily queue is on your home screen when you open the app so there is no need to navigate in the app to update the queue.

The button "next up" allows a Barber to update the queue with ease. This button adds the customer in queue position 1 to the chair.

If the customer that is in queue position 1 is late for an appointment, the Barber can manually click on any customer’s name in the queue and put them in the chair regardless of their queue position.

About the App Continued

Barbers can also add diary entries of any duration to their daily queue. This feature is a multipurpose one as Barbers can use it:

  • when they need to pop out of the Barbershop for a while or in emergencies.
  • if a customer doesn’t have a smart phone and wants to get a haircut
  • if a customer doesn’t have a bank card to pay the booking fee

We recommend that customers arrive 15 minutes before the estimated time shown on the app to be on the safe side!!

Barbzy is only as efficient as the Barbers who use it. The more efficient the Barber is, the more efficient the queuing system will be.

We wish to revolutionise the Barbering industry but acknowledge that this will take time, but we are hopeful that Barbzy is the solution!

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